Connolly Leather Interior Option

From G1 Prelude

Connolly Leather Limited was founded in 1878 and was a strong supplier for the British car industry, including Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin, Bentley, etc.

Honda Motor Japan partnered with Connolly Leather as an option for all of the Prelude model interiors, starting in 1979. Photo examples show up in several Japanese brochures.

Honda Motor Europe partnered it's dealerships with Connolly Leather to market a special interior option for the newly released Prelude. They typically up scaled the trim model to an elusive dealership special "Executive" model that featured the installed interior, though it was never officially advertised in Europe by Honda.

"Executive" Connolly Leather Option

Offered only in EDM/JDM markets as an exclusive interior upgrade. Sometimes to referred too or sold as the "Executive" trim with dealers. .