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It is believed that the Solaire Corporation reached out to Jurgen G. Weber, Tropic Automobile-Design GMBH (Crailsheim, Germany) in early 1981 for distributing their licensing rights outside the US. Two flyers advertised for the Tropic Conversion show a 1980 Solaire model in front of the Santa Ana headquarters, expressing a convertible conversion for Tropic was happening. Later in 1982, Tropic released a special invitation to interested buyers with a show date of the car across the country. Toured through the summer of 1982, the Tropic convertible was shown off at numerous dealers across Germany. It was advertised that 67 improvements were made to the American design, making the Tropic truly superior to the Solaire. A newer designed windshield cap that incorporated a formed rubber seal and an easier top clasp design. Molded seals around the bottom A-pillar and a newer designed fiberglass tub.

Two versions of the Tropic Solaire have been recorded. Version one relied on structural tubing used in the window framing, version two (see pics below) used a "Y" shaped structural tubing design under the driver and passenger floor panel greatly reducing ground clearance.

The Tropic Prelude was sold in 1982-1983 alongside Tropics Toyota Celica, Opel Ascona and BMW 635 CSi. 46-47 models were believed to have been built before Tropic's closure in late 1983.

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