DIY - Front Brake Upgrade

From G1 Prelude

Front calipers on 79-81 models are the same, while 82 models incorporated the newer 2nd gen civic caliper with a slightly larger pad. Disc rotors stayed the same between 79-82, 9" solid non-vented.

Upgrading to the '84-85 Accord Caliper increases the pad size 15% Upgrading to the '84-90 Accord / '85-90 Prelude Front Disc Rotors increases size to 9.5" and vented.

88-91 CRX / 92-00 Civic Calipers can be installed, but washers are needed to offset the caliper from the bracket. Rotors must match corresponding calipers from the same car. It is possible to install ITR and Legend/NSX brakes on our cars if done correctly.