Front Torsion Bar Upgrade

From G1 Prelude

The front suspension stabilizer bar is very unique to the 1st Generation Prelude and 2nd Generation Civic with it's 2-1 design. The front bar double acts as an anti-roll bar (ARB) and a torsion bar for the front lower control arms. It's placed front facing towards the LCA's, compared to a more typical sway bay layout that is placed behind the LCA's. It's believed that this setup was developed in the early days of talented chassis designer, Tateomi Miyoshi, with Honda R&D.

While it's a fantastic idea in design, the main issue is the slow deformation of the anchor bushing and lack of flex control with the McPherson strut. Over time, either right or left LCA will flex under hard acceleration /braking, causing abnormal toe in & toe out steering. Torque steering is extremely noticeable when a different engine is installed in the Prelude, causing the driver to accelerate to the right or left when the steering wheel is pointed straight.

*More info to be entered soon*