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Started in 2011, G1Preludes is a unofficial enthusiast page managed by Nathan Mitchell, based in Virginia. With no fully committed resource site on the web, it was asked if there could be one. Pulling together information from lost brochures, shop manuals and Honda TSB's, I hope this can be a resourceful website.

All information presented on this website was taken from my personal collection of Honda memorabilia and is confirmed through others in the community.

Please contact me at Nmitchell_47@yahoo.com if any questions or errors you may find with my site. Thanks for checking in!

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Factual information presented in this Wiki is not, and can not be copyrighted. The presentation of that information, graphics, photographs, and copyright-eligible materials are covered and no license is granted without prior permission. If you want to use something, just ask! The reason for this policy is simple: Lists, graphics, and other materials are subject to change as new information is made available and errors corrected. Materials in this wiki may be superseded at any time, so we would prefer that you link to the appropriate pages instead of copy/pasting to another location.