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During the 1979-1982 production run, Honda promoted different accessory items through the four years the Prelude was available. Different items were only available in certain parts of the world, being marketed towards different demographics. With Honda NOS inventories being sold and warehouses being cleaned out every few years, there are bound to be NOS accessories available. Always be on the lookout for rare parts you might want to complete your Prelude.

Some items offered were dealership only. You may find something unique, such as rubber door protectors or accent stripes that were never in a brochure. Dealers back in the day would do anything to sell you a car and that would mean they would call up their buddy in an auto shop and slap something on the car to make it yours. Anything was possible.

  • PLEASE NOTE - I'm constantly updating this page, so some pics/descriptions may not be correct. As I sort through pics and part numbers, it will eventually all fall into place.

USDM Market

  • Rear Stereo Speakers
  • Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel Cover
    • Black Leather H/C# 70830 / Part#
  • Alloy Wheel Lock Set
    • H/C# 81048 / Part#
  • Floor Mats (Carpet or Rubber)
  • AM/FM Radio w/ Cassette Player
  • Illuminated Cigarette Lighter
  • Bumper Guards Set (Front/Rear)
    • H/C# 80594 / Part# A2276-250-80594
  • Fender Edge Protectors
  • Accent Stripes - Sides & Trunk
    • (Silver) H/C# 096497 / Part# A291H-135-096497
    • (Charcoal) H/C# 096498 / Part# A291H-135-096498
    • (Silver/Black) H/C# 81475 / Part# A291B-135-81478
    • (Red/Black) H/C# 81479 / Part# A291B-135-81479
    • (Tank/Buckskin) H/C# 83456 / Part# A291B-135-83456
    • Install Instructions - Prelude Accent Stripe Kit (AII 1218-2031)
  • Fog Lamp Kit
  • Roof Carrier w/ Ski Attachment

JDM Market

EDM Market

CDM Market