G1 Prelude Owner Manuals (PDF)

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Links below are to my Honda owners Manuals for you to view/download as a resource.

Please be considerate of these manuals and how they are used. Countless years of collecting and sourcing have led me to offer these for all Prelude enthusiasts. They are completely free and for all Honda owners to enjoy. I will continue to add more as I get them scanned.

1979 USDM 1979 Owners Manual
1982 USDM 1982 Owners Manual
1980 JDM 1980 Owners Manual

Scans below are from a 1979 USDM Prelude Sold in Riverside, California (4-4-1979) to a Robert Sheppard. When purchased new, these would have been laying on the driver seat or in the glovebox alongside the owners manual. The foldable startup procedures slid over the driver sunshade so it woudl be visible when you sat in the car. Two small card instructions would be hanging from the the dashboard controls (Radio/AC). I've scanned and photoshopped them to be to the exact size they were measured, so if you want to recreate, please use my notes per each one.

Radio Card AM/FM, Folded, Cardstock, 7"x6.5" Radio Card AM/FM
Air Conditioning Card, Tri-Fold, Cardstock, 9.25"x5.5" Air Conditioning Card
Start Up Procedures, Folded around manual, Paper, 8.5"x14" Start Up Procedures
Consumer Info, Folded, Paper, 8.125"x5.25" Consumer Info
Warranty Card, Cardstock, 7.4375"x3.625" Warranty Card
Rust Prevention Guide, Folded, Paper, 8.375"x5.25" Rust Prevention

Misc. documents from dealerships or training centers

'80-81 Honda US PDI Sheets