Style Auto Bodykit

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Style Auto was a German based company, owned by Michael R. Neuman. Michael was a legendary body crafter and Formula Vee race driver. He was an aerodynamic genius with designs that were groundbreaking during the 70's & 80's. He founded "Polyform" in Schonberg (Schleswig Holstein) with a company goal of design work for racing companies. He was also part of the "Wing Car" design during Formula 1's transformation in the 80's. He continued to work with Group C race car shapes throughout his years.

Style Auto was founded in 1983, specifically styling Honda's and VW's. 1986 he started working with Toyota body's and Nissans. He offered about 20 styling kits for numerous Honda vehicles. His designs were often pirated in the industry.

Mr. Neuman unfortunately passed away in 2019 and the company is no more. A few pictures remain from his website below.

You can read more about his life with this translated PDF Click Here

Auto Style 79-82 Prelude Body Kit - 4PC Sold for 499 euro + shipping