Transmission Specs

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Transmission Specifications

All 1st generation Preludes were equipped with a standard 5-speed or optional Automatic (aka Hondamatic). Manual transmission were labeled "GK" from factory, Automatics were labeled "AK". 1979 used a 2-speed hondamatic transmission, while future autos were 3-speed.

79-80 5-speed Accords had the same gearing as the Prelude, but the '81 model introduced two different final drives depending if you had a 3-door or 4-door model. 3-door models for '81 had a final drive of 4.071 while the 4-door had 4.214.

Accord Autos shared the same gearing per model year Prelude.

Each production year offered a different gearing to maximize power band and torque.


ER, EL and EP transmission will fit to the EK block. (Source