XE Model

From G1 Prelude

"Elegant Specialty" or luxury elegance model. This was the highest trim for the first 3 years (SN100-200), until the XXR replaced it in 1982.

SN-110 XE Model

XE Prelude Standard Features

  • Electric Sunroof
    • Could also be optioned to be removed from dealer
  • Digital Auto Clock
  • Cruise Control
  • Rotary AM / FM Multi Radio
  • AM/FM Radio + cassette deck + 4 speakers (SN300 Only)
  • Power Windows (one touch)
  • Power Antenna (SN110-300)
  • Rear Windshield Wiper & rear defroster
  • Sun Visor w/ vanity mirror
  • Moquette Seat Cloth
  • Black Bumpers w/ chrome surround
  • Chrome door pillar cover, added XE logo (SN110-300)
  • Unique split parallel front grill (SN100-110)
  • Unique horizontal grill (SN200-300), same as US grill ('81-82)
  • H emblem on front grill (SN300 Only)
  • H emblem on rear trunk lid (SN300 Only)
  • Standard Electronic Navigator (SN300)
  • Steel radial tire 155SR13
  • Steel wheels with trim ring + semi cap
  • AC was optional

XE Prelude Prices

All pricing is based off from the Tokyo area in Honda's press release info for 5spd models. (Unit: 1,000 yen)

  • SN100 -1,400 yen
  • SN110 -1,420 yen
  • SN200 -1,465 yen
  • SN300