XXR Model

From G1 Prelude

In October 1981 Honda released a unique upscaled version of the XE trim entitled the XXR. Dubbed "The Special" or "Specialty Climax", the XXR was offered as the top trim package for SN-300 models.

XRR Prelude Trim Features

  • Includes the XE trim
  • Offered with two unique two-tone exterior colors
    • (NH-74M - Norfolk Silver Metallic / NH-79M - Artic Silver Metallic)
    • (YR-52M - Savoy Brown Metallic / YR-51M - Almeria Beige Metallic)
  • Special color-coordinated interior with unique fabric pattern or leather option
  • Special XXR Grill emblem and side door pillar emblems (chrome)
  • Unique 5x13 rim, "Honda Prelude" name embossed in rim (Michelin XVS tires)
  • 4 Bit Processor Electronic Navigator System w/ 2k Bytes Memory (Center Console)
    • Remaining Fuel / MPG, Average Vehicle Speed, Elapsed Time, Time & Date, Speed Alarm
    • Used variable readings from the Speed Sensor / Fuel Flow Gauge / Fuel Level Light
  • Special Rear speakers with upgraded stereo AM/FM/tape player
  • Chrome Trim on Front Side Marker Lights
  • Unique chrome side trim on lower rocker panel
  • Halogen Headlights (featured on XR)
  • High Output 20Wx4 power amplifier with cassette deck (Dolby NR) and electronic turner
  • Audio Graphic Equalizer
  • Power Fender Mirrors
  • Automatic Headlights with 3 settings of sensitivity
  • Vented Front Rotors (9"), Rear Solid Disc Brakes (9.4") & Rear Tokico Calipers
  • Larger (8") Brake Booster (SA5)
  • Larger (13/16") Master Cylinder (SA5)
  • Hi cut velour fabric trunk mat